“Kubra and I were at the Rome airport, waiting for our flight. she turned to me and asked ‘Ma, I never asked you this, but what did you want to become when you were young?’ I said, I always wanted to become a princess. She laughed at me and asked ‘Aren’t you already one?’. I replied with a smile Yes, I am, but I am a queen now. As I was a very protected child, I never went out or made friends, I spend a lot of time with myself playing with my dolls, and reading fairy tales even at the age of 16, I was inspired by those fairy tales, I always wanted to be a princess.”

 “I was married, very young and life was beautiful. But life had always something different to teaches every one, I had to go through it, and I ended up being a single parent to my kids. I was never prepared for that, but I discovered that we were in a car with no one at the driver’s seat. So, I had to grab the wheel and take the driver seat to drive my family save. I always wanted a simple life.”

“In order to run the family, I had to start working, I never had experienced work life before. My first job was with a computer firm. In the 90’s, I started my super market business and became an entrepreneur, after 11 years I decided to sell my business and got into corporate retailing company. Both the kids were growing up, Kubra had finished her grad and she left to Dubai. I always encouraged them to do what they were good at. I never had any aspiration but I wanted my children to have all that they wanted and I stood and support them always.”

“When Kubra decided to come back to India and pursue a career in the entertainment business. We put a plan together and work on it and made it happen so finally she was here. But moved to Mumbai. She wanted me to give up my job and relax, but that was very difficult for me, she suggested that I start managing her work, and I stepped into a brand-new industry. Soon Danish was also in the same career/ business now I had both to manage. I wouldn’t want to change anything in my life. All the events lead to the kind of person I am today. But I don’t want to stop learning I always want to be a learner until I breathe I am blessed to be doing what I love i.e. managing, for the people I love i.e. Kubra and Danish. I am Yasmin Sait.”