“I’ve had a very problematic childhood in terms of my health. I went to school only till about 6th grade, after that, I have been homeschooled. I studied by myself and finished education until my degree through correspondence. I started makeup right at the age of 19. I went to Bombay and did my course there and worked in this movie called “Ladies vs Ricky Behl”.

Why MUA?

“I had major complexion issues during my childhood. I was never exposed to the real world. No experience of how things work here. I wanted to learn makeup to be able to look at myself and feel pretty wearing makeup. That was the starting point of it. So, when I started doing this I realized that there would be thousands of women who would feel the same way as I do. It was my way of reaching out to them. That’s how it started.”

“I never thought that one day someone would come up and tell me ‘Hey you’re so pretty’ and I used to have these conversations with myself (I’m a bit crazy that way). I still remember I used to rub my skin with a stone, hoping that would change the color of my skin. People have this fad that you have to be naturally beautiful and have gifted features look good with makeup. That is something I have been hearing. I have worked with actors and even the most famous ones sit on the chair, look at themselves in the mirror and they only point out the flaws they have. The makeup chair is one such place, it makes you vulnerable.”

At 19, I went to my parents and told them I wanted to open up a salon. To be honest, they knew that I wanted to do this than them. They just wanted me to go out and mingle with people. I had been bedridden for 6 years before that. They never thought I could travel alone. I needed people to hold me to walk. They have been super supportive. I am Vydurya Lokesh.”