“The best years of my life were at Christ University from 2005 to 2013. I was there for so long because I kept failing and I had to write a lot of back papers. I grew up as a human and those were the years where I found myself. I actually thought I used to sing well but when I went to Christ College and saw there were people who had amazing capabilities, it was a reality check for me.”

A struggle you go through every single day, even now

“I suppose, the ‘Being broke’ part. I’m in the line of work where we have to spend ridiculous amount of money to create original content. When clients pay us money, people think we have a lavish life but we’re not. A lot of the musicians, creative artists are more middle class than the middle class themselves. We kind of create this fake identity of ourselves online that makes people believe that we are successful but in all reality, the majority of the so called social influencers, musicians, artists, creative people, we’re all quite broke and I’m not successful yet.”

“Infact today morning while I was washing my face trying to wake up, I was thinking about how I’ve been waiting for my so called ‘Break’, what people call it and I am very far away from that.”

What do you think is the biggest fad amongst us humans?

“I think, as humans we are moving to a stupid generation. We are celebrating stupidity and mediocrity and kind of patting people on the back for being that way. Stupid content over smart content? We are electing and following people that are being naïve, stupid and self-obsessed. I think that it is extremely pathetic. Why do people who spread something really fake, celebrated and followed by millions? It’s very scary where we are headed towards.”

“I grew up wanting to be a lot of things. Pilot, news host, race car driver, pro biker but I think defence forces was something that always fascinated me. I consider myself more of an entertainer than an artist. Doing what I do, makes me very happy and makes it worth it. We need more and more people who actually love what they do. I am Vineeth Vincent.”