“My father passed away about 12 years ago, my mum and I live together now. He just died like that in a week’s time. He got admitted to the hospital because he was unwell, and in a few days, he was kept in the ICU and then passed away. We were in a bad stage because we had a lot of stuff that was incomplete, financially. It happened just like that, did I accept his loss? No, I fought for it, I was depressed, afraid and angry with people around. You know that that person is never going to come back or no one else can replace that vacuum.”

Child artist to an actor to an RJ

“So, I was into drama since childhood as my father was into it. He was an artist himself. My first break was into the stage was a small program in 1995-96. Various people from the industry had come to watch that and then Nammura Mandaara Huuve happened. I did a few movies and tv serials as a child artist. Then, I took up theatre in the 1st year of my degree and by then, I had started taking things slow.”

“In 2008, I got a job at Radio City and I did 5 years of RJ’ing. I was really thrilled because I never thought my RJ career would be this good. I started out as an ordinary broadcasting job and to do prime time shows, was a huge thing for me.”

Flipkart and other jobs

“I had to take up jobs because it was a necessity. I wanted to survive and people who want to survive will find their own way. People who have a choice to walk away from a job will do so. Creativity is not uncertainty, it is a process but it’s just that everybody has their own process.”

“I’ve done multiple jobs and the most important thing about such a life is unlearning and adapting to new things. What I learned when my father passed away was, death gives you hope for life. My father’s death gave me a purpose, aspiring for a new life, a better life. I am Vinayak Joshi.”