“After my graduation at Surana College, I went to Wales to do my masters and then moved to Singapore as a banker there, it’s been 13 years. 3 years back I lost my mother due to Cancer. The biggest fear I had in my life is losing my loved one. Such things change someone’s perspective completely. That is when I decided that we need to talk about this and spread awareness on cancer that it can happen to anyone. We spend 1000 bucks on a coffee but fail to get ourselves tested for cancer or any other disease, every year. I wanted to take this one city at a time and that is when I started my own YouTube channel.”

Your definition of happiness

“Happiness for me is a state of mind where I can sleep peacefully and that’s the most important thing. According to me, the happiest humans in the world are the ones who made best friends with themselves. I love my own company and I can sit hours together that way because I like myself, not in a pompous way but it’s a good equation that I have with myself, which is really important.”

“Mum used to say that I should never do something just for the sake of it, do it because you love it. I care less about the results, if I feel happy with the results that I get out of that, that’s okay for me. Having worked in banking and having seen the money and moving away from it, I somewhere want to go to a point in my life where I don’t need to work for money but I am fighting to pay my bills and I need to get to a place where I do things not because of money. I am Vinay Bharadwaj.”