“Steel flyover would have been a curse to this city. The numbers were misrepresented as 800 trees in order to make sure that the project is approved. But the actual figures were much much higher. It was 2200 trees. I walked with the reporter myself and have taken the census. Then we made a report to prove our point. It was tedious but worth the effort.

When they brought down the idea of steel flyover, I was involved in another tree rescue. I couldn’t even celebrate the victory between all my work. But at the end of the day, I atleast know those trees will stand there tall as they always have. That very thought is a little celebration in my head” he said with a tear of joy in his eyes.

This man is an Engineering drop out but a tree lover whose passion gives away a pleasant vibe. He is often running from pillar to post in order to save trees that are poisioned or to fight the big people who try to bring down trees for their reasons.

And we asked him how he became a tree doctor and how he learnt to treat poisioned trees, this is what he had for us – “I haven’t attended any University. All I did was a lot of research. You, me or any animal, we have a way of showing pain or death. There are ways in which trees do the same. I get to know when a tree is sick. And I give the treatment it needs.

But beyond all this, when I am born a man, I behave like one. And when a girl is born, she behaves that way too. But when you are born a human, it’s important to behave like one. In fact, that should come to people more naturally and should not be an effort. This is exactly why I see trees the way I see them and this is the reason why I love them. I do not see anything great about that!”