“…. this Restaurant gave us an identity and not the other way round. The response and love we receive from people is overwhelming” says Senior Adiga sir with his endearing smile.

“We’ve had poets, writers, artists and actors come here all the time”, he says, talking about the pencil sketches adorning the walls.

“There are so many beautiful experiences that the restaurant has bought to me. The one very close to my heart would be Annavru visiting us. We were informed about his visit and we couldn’t be happier. A few minutes before his arrival, the news somehow broke out and the whole Gandhi Bazar came to a standstill. The crowd lined up here to get a look at Dr.Rajkumar”, said the happy Junior Adiga sir.

“The name speaks for itself. This was once a hangout spot for students in the area. Back then, students could sit with a cup of their favourite filter coffee for hours. Gone are those days. Decades have passed by and their love for this coffee has remained. But time, unfortunately none can afford that much time” he adds.

“And we believe we are way beyond our Dosas. People love us because we are their home” They agree.

This is a Legendary restaurant in Bangalore that brought to light the beauty of Namma Bengaluru dosas and filter coffee. It’s located in Gandhi Bazaar and beautifully hidden behind flower vendors who sit and make garlands and moggin jade (or hair decorative made of jasmine buds) all day.

This restaurant started pre independence. The then owners of the Restaurant – Urala Brothers declared 15th Aug 1947 as a holiday to celebrate Independence which happened to be on a Friday. Keeping up with the tradition, the restaurant declared every Friday a holiday.

This restaurant is older and wiser than many of us. The crispy Dosas are nostalgia, the Uddin Vades are love and the coffee is a bond!