“I consider myself a hardcore Bangalorean, born and brought up here. My passion for automobile engineering has brought me to where I am today. Not to mention, it’s also in my blood. From the past 4 generations, we’ve been contributing to the automotive field. My great-grandfather and uncle were dealers for the first-ever automobile unit in Mysore.”

“I grew up with a variety of cars and bikes in my dad’s garage and would occupy myself by playing with spare engines and ample tools. So, you can tell that I was that kid in school who already knew what career path to choose. My love for the machines only accentuated when I was educated under the finest of gurus in the industry.”

Misperception of the automotive industry

“What’s disheartening is the depiction of garages, especially, using antisocial elements. Garages are where fight scenes are shot. It is a demeaning image of the industry built by the media which further affects people’s understanding of the job itself.”

“I also understand that it is a struggle for women in this field. Technological advancements have been making more space for women as it wouldn’t come down to the question of physical power. I believe that women would make better technicians as they are more committed and give attention to detail.”

“I come from a family that taught me to treat everyone with respect, including the blue-collar workers. One day when I was young, my dad made me work as an assistant for a guy who washed bikes. My responsibility was to dismantle the vehicles. On payday, I was made to wait in line just like the others. Though I inherited my family business later in life, I wasn’t transposed into the leadership role. That way, I have learnt to value blue-collar jobs. I am Venkat Shyam.”