“Music was like part of our family’s lifestyle. It didn’t feel like we were learning music. It was just like how we learned to tie our lace, comb our hair, etc. As a kid, I honestly didn’t like it because, a lot of my friends went out to play cricket or any other outdoor sport and I was here, learning music. That too, learning Carnatic classical vocal was something which very few boys opted. They would either choose a tabla or a violin.”

“I feel, no one needs to struggle as an artist, it is a part of the whole process. But people feel easy to bargain with artists. I don’t know why it’s there with artists be it any art form. It really feels sad that artists are taken for granted when it comes to paying them for their art.”

“There are dark sides to everyone, be it jealousy, greed, impatience, fear, etc. I also have all of it and I face them day in and day out. I too, am battling such demons each and every day. Earlier, I wasn’t aware that these things were happening and it would overtake me. But now, I can recognise those things and disassociate myself from that. I don’t know if it will go away but I can slowly make peace with it.”

“Three years back, I wouldn’t take a holiday for myself thinking that someone else might get that show and I will not get future shows. But, from my learning and experiences, I am currently in that zone where I believe ‘everything has been a blessing’ and not to crib about things that didn’t go well in my life. I am here because of whatever I decisions I have taken till date. I am Vasu Dixit.”