“As a software test engineer with 7 years of experience, I have learnt a great deal about team work, time management, professionalism and at the same time understood the importance of owning up and being responsible for what you do. Those are a few things I cherish apart from learning different technologies and as part of my job.”

Pedal to the metal

“I love traveling on the bike and recently, I did a road trip to Nepal with a good friend. He has always supported me and helped me pick the right motorcycle twice. We rode on good roads, bad roads, no roads and everything in between. On every different road it was a different experience. You live in that moment and keep moving. That attitude towards life builds and strengthens everytime I ride. So that is how motorcycle riding empowers me.”

“Friends have always been encouraging and supportive when I mention riding. As far as my immediate family is concerned, my mom has always been encouraging and enthusiastic about me owning and riding a motorcycle and wishes me well always. My dad, though not very happy with my choice, has never discouraged me at any point. However, he never fails to warn me and point out precautions to take while on road.”

“I got into the motorcycle culture because of my interest in riding and the support I received from people around me. Having acknowledged everyone who has been supportive with me riding motorcycles, I would encourage more people to ride and travel especially women riders who is the minority because it’s possible and there are supporters for the same. I am Thejaswini Channamallikarjuna.”