“Reading about political science and writing poems are my favourite hobbies. I also enjoy playing Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and of late Football, as a mid-defender. In school, we get two Games hours during the week. Although, they are often occupied by core subject teachers who are in a rush to complete portions.”

“I usually have a fair share of responsibilities in school. Since Kannada is my first language, my Kannada teacher asks me to form Q&As and distribute them to my class. My classmates also rely on me for briefing them about various concepts if they don’t understand them.”

My Big Dream

“My ambition is to become an IAS officer. Before that, I might even come back here and teach for a couple of years if I have the chance. My friends in school have big dreams too. My friend, Navya, wants to work for ISRO and another friend wants to become a football player.”

“I like travelling and Teach For India has helped me make it possible to travel often. I am offered a lot of opportunities to grow and work towards my goals. It focuses on building our skills and value system which is worthwhile. I admire my teachers here and continue to maintain a good relationship with them. But many of the teachers leave after two years of teaching and I miss them once they leave.”

“One time I went to Retreat and learned about a girl of my age who killed herself because of bullying. To spread awareness of this hostile behaviour, I regularly take classes about Child Rights in learning circles. I am Ashwini RG.”