“I work in the maintenance department in an electrical company at Bagmane Tech Park. But I am also a father to a lovely daughter, Ashwini. She is a diligent and a self-reliant person who wholeheartedly invests her time in many things. It’s hard to believe that she has a mature understanding of most situations at this age.”

“Teach for India has provided education for many children, like my daughter, and keeps up with the quality of education provided in private schools. I’m always delighted when Ashwini comes home and talks to me about the lessons she learnt. Once, when she got back from Chennai, she was amused by the city life there and told me all about it. It makes me immensely happy that she is moving forward in this world. I only pray that she succeeds to achieve her goals.”

“Ashwini is one of the two student representatives from Karnataka who is sent to different cities in India for seminars. When they first told me about it, I was apprehensive. But with her teacher’s reassurance, I realized it would be a great opportunity for her. When she returned from her first trip to Delhi, I was convinced that my daughter is confident and will acclimatize to any lifestyle.”

“There are a number of NGOs that work hard to help the less privileged. As I see it, it is up to us to make the best out of these opportunities and support them as much as possible, especially as parents. It is also our responsibility to contribute to society in any way possible while reaping the benefits. I am a proud father. I am Sharanappa SG.”