“I have lived most of my life in Bengaluru though my favourite city in the world is Bombay. I was born there and started my career as a crime reporter there. College here was a lot of fun and I always wanted to be in the middle of the action. I was in the college forums, trying to do ridiculous things, But there are two things that i have always loved are writing and films.”

One thing that you would change in your life, if it was possible

“They are quite a lot but when I finished my graduation, I have dropped out around half a dozen courses from Xavier’s, National Law School, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan etc. That was the phase where i did not know what to do. I was one of those typical youngster who got into the course that i wanted to and yet not sure if I wanted to continue. If only I had a clearer picture about that. I wanted to do something cool like post-colonial west Indian literature but BU did not have lecturers and this was in 2004.”

“Apart from writing, the few things that i would probably would like to do is DJing and mixology. DJing is something that i have been wanting to do. One day once I’m done with it all, I am going to make people listen to my music. The feeling when you are there behind the console, people looking at you, wanting that song, you play it and the happiness that you give is fabulous.”

“Given my current job, I get to see and meet 130 movies a year. But this has given me a lot of great friends. I’ve got to do some crazy things, meet some amazing people. I have spent time with a lot of the actors that way. I have been fortunate enough to see these people for who they really are as humans and not as the demigods like the rest of them think they are. I am Sunayana Suresh.”