“I have been in the hotel industry for 35 years. 3 years before, I decided to take up cab driving because we were short of finances in my family. The last job I did was of a hotel manager at Jayanagar. It has been a roller coaster ride for me ever since I took up driving. I am quite old now and it is very tough for me to manage my day.”

“I was never a patient guy, I was an angry young man in my teens and 20’s but there is one incident that changed me. This was in my school days. A friend of mine used to bully me a lot. After a certain point I couldn’t take it and punched him, slapped him. He did not talk to me for a couple of days but then he went to my class teacher and complained. The teacher punished me by slapping me multiple times and hit me with his wooden ruler on my knuckles. I was angered even more and went back and punched my friend again. Once I went back home, I really felt bad and repented for my actions. It was a very bad incident in my life. It is something that I can never forget in my life. That was when I decided that I will make sure I will remain patient no matter what situation I face in life. I have faced things which are much more severe than a school bully but every time I am angry, I remember what I went through, I then calm down.”

“I am now 60 years and the only reason I manage to get through the city’s traffic is only because of my patience. Though I wanted to be a writer or many other things all these years, I thought taking care of my family was my priority, I had to leave all my dreams to make ends meet. I would still love to write for plays and skits like I used to in my college days. I am Sukumar Shetty”