“I was always fascinated by sport and extracurricular activities in school. I used to participate in every other event that was held. Fancy dress has always been my favourite and I have won it, every single time I participated in it. There was some happiness in winning those small competitions and getting the prizes from my teachers and it is something I always cherished.”

Superfan of RCB?

“Since childhood, I wanted to serve in the Indian Army, my elder brother actually did that and hence, my parents never allowed me to take it up. I really wanted to do something and I used to watch cricket in Chinnaswamy. Then, I thought why don’t I try wearing a mythological dress and go see the match. The same match, I was awarded the superfan of the match. From then on, I started wearing different costumes, every single match.”

What is RCB to you?

“RCB is an emotion for me. Yes, as part of the sport, you win or lose. I go there to make sure I back my team and to cheer the crowd, to entertain them. I have watched various matches, I have never seen any other team/fans being such a treat to watch. Be it the players playing or the fans supporting them. Imagine, the fans backing their team with all their heart irrespective of what the result is, every year.”

“A lot of appreciation has to go to my wife, who has never said no to anything I did with regards to what I am today. She is someone who I look up to, in helping me make decisions in everyday life. And to my chairman, Kerry Indev Logistics, Xavier Britto, who has always supported me and given me to liberty and sponsored me to go out there, cheer and entertain the crowd.”

“The moment I enter the stadium, the chants, the support, the enthusiasm, the flag waves, the dance, the cheering, the Mexican wave, the happiness when we win a match, the heartbreak when we lose one, all have been a part of me. I don’t think that will ever change. I will be there, cheering my team, every single match. I am Sugumar Kumar.”