“One thing I knew for sure all my life was that I wanted to work with animals and help them. Back in the day before I started CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre), there were very few opportunities to volunteer at rescue homes. One of them was Karuna Animal Welfare Association of Karnataka where I volunteered. Following which, with the help and guidance of Menaka Gandhi, I joined CUPA(Compassion Unlimited Plus Action). In 2013, I started CARE in Jakkur, a rescue shelter for injured, abandoned or abused animals to get treatment and to be rehabilitated back to where they came from or where they could be adopted.”

The backbone of my life

“My family and friends have been the most supportive throughout the entire journey. Without my driver, Sameer and my maid, Jyothi, who has been phenomenally helpful, it would have been impossible for me to be where I am today. My colleagues at the Income Tax Department were also always proud of my decisions and my love for animals.”

My inspiration

“Charlie was a famous three-legged Indian therapy dog that passed away in 2017. He was known for being naughty and for being amazing with children. He has been the most significant being in my life. He changed my perspective on people and animals. He set an example of courage and sent a strong message that he might have had only three legs but he had everything in him that he needed to help others. That’s how the NGO’s name came to be as well.”

If you could change something in this society, what would it be?

“All animals need love, care and most of all, support and encouragement without which they will give up. If people could be more aware of their surroundings and call NGOs when in need of help or even send a picture to us along with the location, we will take everything forward from that point. A little bit of patience and tolerance towards animals is all it takes to help and support them.”

“When you get to a point where you have everything you need, you start to think about what to give back. Life becomes meaningless otherwise. I reached that point and that’s when I knew I had to quit my job and listen to my calling. I am Sudha Narayanan “