“I’m a small town boy from Mangalore who moved to Bangalore in ’97 to study engineering like most of us but landed in the financial service sector which was not far from where I thought I’d end up.”

“I enjoy music, art, literature and culture and have been actively involved with organizations that encourage the same. Casually one day, I was having a conversation with Vikram Sampath and Shinie Antony about the Jaipur Literature Festival and how it grew big in the year ‘08 and 09’. We thought a lit fest might just be interesting to put together for Bangalore city. So, the two authors and I took upon ourselves to launch Bangalore Lit Fest in 2012.”

“We witness significant volunteer energy every year. None of us is paid to do it but we do it because it provides some time on the side from the routine. Since most of the audience is English speaking, a collective effort is directed at promoting regional and other literary works at the same time. There’s a running joke about the festival. One is that the fest runs on love and pressure and the other is that it’s similar to a college festival on steroids.”


“Two of my teachers have been my role models. One is a Professor from Mangalore who instilled in me some of the leadership qualities and the other is from my primary school years who pushed me into public speaking. I think they were both important abilities to have as they translate into success in a variety of things that we do. I give credit to my parents and siblings as well who have inculcated values on what’s right and wrong.”

“Often I think about still wanting to become a guard for the goods train. I see them occupying the last car while having a balcony of sorts to themselves. They watch the good countryside as life goes past them. Maybe if I’m still eligible, I’ll give it a shot. I am Srikrishna Ramamoorthy.”