“I started out making cards for birthdays. Mum’s birthday? A card, Dad’s birthday? A card. In a year I used to make 15 to 20 cards. I wasn’t something I took, very seriously. I just did it for people. When I hit my teens, I started drawing a lot more. That’s when you actually try and find something and stick onto. Art was something I could do by myself, I could be isolated and didn’t need anyone else to do that. I used to have the fear of people before. A friend’s opinion used to affect me a lot. I was used to being in that comfort zone of people helping me. But then, I decided to free myself and do what I have to, to live a life that I want and hence the name -Spreefirit.”

How did “Every person in Bangalore”, happen?

“I used to keep busking with a couple of writers, they just wrote stories for people, random people. I also started drawing, it wasn’t for money though, but just being a part of the busking. Then in a co-working space, I see a book called “Every person in New York” by Jason Polan, it’s a 450-page book of drawings and he wrote why he was doing this. I totally found myself in what he had written and I said to myself ‘Shit, this is exactly what I wanted to do’. This was 4 AM in the morning and I was all excited. That is when I decided to go to cafes and do ‘Every person in Bangalore’ and they can pay what they like.” says Vijaya

How is it, being a Freelancer?

“I decided to leave Chumbak, after a year and a half. Though they are amazing, I knew I had to try something new and artists have to keep doing that, that’s why we are called artists in the first place. I came to Cuckoo Hostels for a client here in Bengaluru and I have been here for 4 months. Work is hard to come by, so know your shit when you are doing it. No one to market our work, hence we must and should market our work. This doesn’t mean gaining followers, you won’t get clients through the following you have. Your main focus should be creating good content and putting it out there. A lot of people have this assumption that their drawings aren’t perfect and are afraid of putting it out, I advice them to please put it out.

“With all the pressure of handling clients and marketing yourself etc., we, as artists forget the whole point of us doing this because it’s fun and we are happy doing it. The main reason why we freelance, is so that we are independent and have time for ourselves. I still have a lot of things to figure out.”