“I got into counselling as a career after a year’s break from my corporate job. I did my master’s in psychological counselling as well so I have done this for many years. But then, I stumbled onto Improv.”

“A lot of things have changed from my 20s to my 30s. One of them is that what people say matters very less to me. One of the biggest transformations happened in my 29th year. I think that for most women in India not being married by their 29th year can be tough. There was immense pressure on me to get married. People would act like this was my last year to settle down. So, when I turned 30, all of a sudden, there was no expectation because the mindset was that nothing would happen now. I felt so liberated. Nobody expected anything from me.”

“Even though I started theatre in my late 20s, my 30s was when I took the most risks. I did things which I had never done before and it was directly related to this thought process that I bought into. This thought process that your life is expected to fall into boxes and in a certain way. I now have a lot more courage and am having loads of fun in my 30s.”

“When it comes to theatre forms like Improv and Playback because everything is done in the moment, you do end up bringing a lot of yourself onto the stage. This is the case especially in the kind of Improv we as Adamant Eves do. We do not force any emotion including laughter and we take the emotion that organically comes up. This demands that we bring ourselves to the show and be vulnerable on stage.”

“Growing up, I had cousins who would score really well and get high ranks in their districts. These comparisons were a part of my life then. It persisted till I quit my job, because in the path I took after that they had no benchmark to compare me to. I am Shweta Bhat.”