“We met through a cousin of Ruchika’s. The first few things we talked about, was traveling. After a while of dating, we decided to make this relationship work. We got married at registrar’s office because we just wanted a simple wedding with only the 7 saptapadis. But they said that it’s not possible without the other rituals. After all this, convincing our parents about Second Breakfast was much easier.” says Avinasha.

How did Second Breakfast happen?

“We love breakfast food and exploring the morning culture in every country we visit. For example, what do people have for breakfast in different parts of the world? Also, the hobbits from the Lord of the Rings, when they go on an adventure, they ask ‘What about second breakfast?’ Hence the name second breakfast.”

Travel being overrated?

“Travel is a passion as well as work for us. No matter where we go, it’s not a vacation for us. A lot of background work goes behind making a travel plan happen. A Travel writer’s job might look envious to the audience but on the contrary, there would be years of work to get there and to be able to live like this. Somehow, people think travel makes you a better person than their circle of family or friends or anyone. There are people who choose not to travel and that is totally alright. If travel has been your priority do it. The toughest thing in the world is to make something very hard, look easy. Be it whatever. ‘Do what you love’, ‘Quit your job, travel the world’ quotes is just the hype that has been created in social media.”

“If people are open-minded, love to genuinely explore another culture, be a digital nomad, then this life is for them. The moment we met, we knew, this would happen and started planning travel. We hope this is a never-ending journey. We are Second Breakfast.”