“My parents are from Kerala but I was born here in Yeshwantpura and moved to Rajajinagara. I finished my PU in MES college and never felt like doing my degree. I was more interested in art and by the time I finished 2nd PU, the multimedia wave hit me. My cousin was a huge influence for me to get into this. I got into an institute in Malleswaram and that is where my journey began as an artist/animator, whatever you want to call it.”

Initial days in the Institute

“As soon as I joined the institute, I never felt like I was a student there. I don’t know how a student thinks. For me, when I entered that place a lot of ideas came into my mind. I never waited for a faculty to teach me. Whatever basics they taught me, I used to modify it according to my ideas. It was a 2-hour class, but I used to go there and check if any systems were free. If they were, I used to sit and experiment with the software the whole day.”

Toughest projects

“I did this movie called Ulidavaru Kandante. I did VFX, Title design and took 3 months to finish off that. We had an unprepared team for an outdoor shoot. I had asked for a colored car, I am standing next to Rakshith and finally, I see a black Contessa coming in. I see Rakshith and he is all smiles. I told him it will be very tough to work around the reflections due to the color of the car. This was the first shot of the project. It was a very tough project.”

“I never knew or thought of animations. I never had dreams, I was just living for the moment. I am a need-based person, not a want-based person. I have had experiences that have made me believe that life gives it back when you need it. I am Santhosh Radhakrishnan.”