“I was a complete introvert and I would be really anxious if ever I went on a stage. It was the same until my 1st PU. It is only when I entered engineering where I kind off felt that okay, maybe I should try out theatre and that’s when I actually started getting that confidence.”

“We are a middle-class family and dreaming something out of whatever we have studied or family run, it considered risky and something which will not yield our money. As much as I wanted to pursue acting, even since childhood. I wanted to be “safe”. Safe being, if I quit my job, I did not have to fall back to my parents to have a sustainable life. We all want to first be safe and then look to do things beyond a job. So, I took up this job and I thought to myself that I will see how this goes for a couple of months. That couple of months became 20 months because the organization was really good and so was my manager.”

Operation Almelamma

“Though I had a bit of exposure in tv soaps and theatre, being a lead was to another level. The first time I auditioned for Operation Almelamma, I was only worried about how fast finished the shoot and wrapped the day because the movie was on a budget and the producer of the movie had a lot of faith in us and put in the money. We all worked hard to make it work on a budget.

Even during the release, though people were intrigued by the trailer and found it very interesting, all I wanted was the people who worked hard for it, get what they deserved. Like I wanted it to run for the first 2 to 3 weeks. I am okay if it went off theatres from the 4th week. If it is still in theatres on the 4th week, I would be happy. So, I go to the 10 AM show at Majestic and instead of watching myself on screen, all I am looking at is the Book My Show app. I am seeing how soon the seats are filling. By noon, all the theatres around were filling fast or booked. You don’t know how it feels.”

“When I did my first theatre act, I could see people coming up to me and congratulating me. To that guy who always wanted to be an actor but was an introvert till a year and a half back. It meant a lot to me. Probably that is where is get my confidence from. I am Rishi.”