“I was born in North Carolina; USA and my dad was a doctor and he spent a whole lot of life in the USA. When I was 8 years old, my family decided to move back to India. The city of choice was here Bengaluru and continued my schooling here in Bishop Cottons. I have been a Cottonian through and through.”

“I have had keen interests in music and the environment ever since I knew what they were, and these 2 aspects have driven a lot of my decisions till date. Even before I knew what the environment was, I was always a nature person. I had strong opinions about whatever the wrong things that mankind was doing to nature, animals, etc.”

“During the 12th standard, we have to make a hard decision of choosing a career path. I went up to my father and told him that I wanted to be a musician. It was no surprise that he told me to get a proper degree and then continue what I wanted. Not that he didn’t trust me, but a Dental Sciences degree needed some studying, you know.”

Your thought process on a gig day

“Whenever I am performing, the whole day, I stay away from a lot of things that distract me. I want to give my 100% to the people out there who buy the tickets to come and watch me and my team performing. It would be unfair if I don’t do justice to that. My wife, Varsha works with me and supports me a lot that way. If I am performing, she takes a lot of my calls and she is part of most of the decisions I make.”

“I think it’s been years since I’ve had a sound sleep, to be honest, because I don’t have a set time when I sit and compose music, I compose music at 2 AM, sometimes at 5 AM, maybe at 10 PM. Maybe one of the downsides of choosing to do something you love over other things? What I wish to do with my music is to make people happy and most importantly realize that climate change is very much here, we, as humans must stop being a party to it. I am Ricky Kej.”