“Six years ago, we gave up our homes and started travelling to rural areas to document social issues. We were headstrong about dedicating our life to art and philosophy. This explains how ‘Rest of My Family’, which started as an emotion, manifested into a project.”

“During the first few years, we succumbed to writing about social concerns, hoping for a considerable influence on the lives of the villagers. We were naïve to believe so. A crowdfunding campaign for a 1-year drive for change was the way to go. It was a complete success. We travelled to six states in almost 3 years and implemented community development projects. We not only documented the conditions in those areas but provided help to the families.”

“The central idea behind Rest of My Family is to reduce indifferences in the society. There is no propaganda behind our work. It is simply to create human connection and expand the circle of compassion. We believe it is our inherent responsibility to be socially concerned. It needs no celebration. Rest of My Family is our work as much as it is everybody’s.”

“The last few years of indulging in societal development has only clarified and further affirmed our ideas and emotions. Besides, we have come to a realization that education has no connection with sensitivity or social concern. The false sense of knowing creates a barrier to comprehending and acting towards evolution. No, we do not expect others to abandon their homes and get to work. Our only humble request is for you to be involved in what is happening around you.”


“We were very different people in college. But we hit it off well. Engaging in work directed at a common goal made us realize that we had far more similarities. Both shifting from engineering to the creative helped build something meaningful. We have a symbiotic relationship and it wouldn’t have worked out well without the other. We think the key is our honesty and sincerity towards what we understand. It has been a rough journey but it is always nice to have someone to share this challenging experience with. It makes us wonder whether things are meant to be. We are Rest Of My Family”