His side: “After my PU in Kakinada, I came to Bangalore to do my engineering and I used to meet her very rarely as we were distant relatives. I had one more year of engineering and that is when I heard that a proposal had come from her family’s side. It was in the year 1967 that was when we got married.”

Her side: “I knew him since childhood but we never thought of something like this. In the year 1965 we started talking and we realised we were more alike than we thought. I had completed my B.Ed but he hadn’t finished his engineering yet and so, I waited for him. I took up my M.Ed because I knew I wanted to start a family with him.”

“Marriage is not something which has to be taken lightly, just like education. It is a very important aspect of life. We should be ready to sacrifice bits and pieces of ourselves for the sake of marriage and family. If both are ready, that is when they should enter into it.”

“Raising children is as a huge responsibility as saving a life. The atmosphere the kids grow in, makes them grow up with relative characteristics of what kind of atmosphere they had in their childhood. The money, we can adjust, the education as well but not the atmosphere in which the kid grows up in.”

“If we look back at our lives now, we never know how the time passed by. We got married, moved to Bangalore, worked, had 2 children, moved into cities, travelled around Karnataka, watched our kids grow up and get married. Now if we look back, these are life changing events but back then when it happened, it was just another day and maybe that’s what life is. We are NVS Phani and Nelakantha Krishna.”