“I come from Gadag where I completed high school before moving to Bangalore. That was when I became aware of the hormonal changes in my body. Quite naturally, there was a lot of confusion. I wondered whether it was natural and happened to me alone. I tried convincing myself to change and believe in the identity that I wanted. However, after some research online, I learned and accepted my identity as a third gender.

Since then, my priorities were fixed. Primarily, I wanted to attain education and ensure a stable life. Following which I wanted to help my family. Only then had I planned to talk to my family and friends about my personality.”

“And so, I finished my degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts and Animation. I decided to mark my identity as a tattoo artist. I undertook professional training and opened 3 tattoo studios. Meanwhile, I helped my sister start a beauty parlor and my mother, a hotel, both of which are running successfully today.

In 2017, I won the title of Miss Trans Diamond. I used this opportunity to come out of the closet. Initially, they were upset. I spoke to them at length and explained to them by showing videos online. I convinced them that I intended to contribute to the society and would be able to do it well with their support.

Most of the time, transgender people are wrongly thought of as beggars or sex offenders. Parents ask their children to stay away from us. They fail to realize that we are also a part of the community and should not be excluded. Today my family and friends are the most helpful. “

A message to the transgender community

“The biggest difficulty you’ll face is to make people understand. Like anything else, it takes time but will be fruitful. Aim to get an education, ensure a steady life and start living with dignity.

I am an entrepreneur, an artist, and a self-taught dancer. I am representing Bangalore at Miss Trans Queen India 2018. I am Nithu RS.”