“We both have been deployed here for the past 20 days and we have been friends from past eight months now. When we do get to work, we consciously work and the fact that we have been briefed well on the safety measures has helped us in a lot of ways to tackle the on-job risks.”

“Yes, of course, our families know that we are on the streets, doing the job we are supposed to and they realise the value of it. When Ashok told his parents about it, though they were sceptical initially they still didn’t say a word on it because they know what is the need of the hour right now.”

“Fear of getting affected is our first feeling but when we have signed up to work for the public, I think our priorities change. Today, the fear of a pandemic, tomorrow, the fear of something else? If we let that into our minds, we cannot do our duties.”

“The on-ground reality of cops is very different from what we see on social media. What we want to do is serve the people where we are posted, go back home, to our families and feel safe, as these are difficult times. This is what we talk about to each other every day. Every single day.”