Compere, RJ, Interactive gamer, Team-building specialist, Stand-up comedian, Radio mentor​. The mic belongs to him!

His journey has not been a bed of roses. Here is an inspiring story for you all. Drive away those blues and read on…

‘I had been ridiculed for making a living out of talking. I’ve been asked questions like, “Oh! RJ? Emcee​? What do you do otherwise?”, “Really? You get paid to crack jokes?”, “What are your career plans?”….Honestly, there have been worse. But I always knew this is where I belonged, right behind the mic!!” Says Rakesh with passion in his eyes.

We wanted to know the best and worst things about this career and….

“The best thing about my career is ME & MY AUDIENCE! The fact that I am part of what I am doing and who am doing it for. Every time I talk, there are a million eyes or ears pointed at me. Whether its Radio shows or IPL, ICC World-cups, Pro Kabbadi, ISL matches. Whether its comedy show at a club or massive corporate events & concerts across country & Asia.​

And the worst thing would be, I’ve never been part of this race. I set my own pace. More work in a particular month or less work otherwise doesn’t get me worked up. Especially after one has done a decade and a half of it​” laughs Rakesh

“I am not very old okay”, he adds

When we asked him about the Radio course designed by him and his mentee Sachin, This is what he had to say…

“The course is so well made that it doesn’t waste time teaching unnecessary theories. It teaches you the real thing. It just coaches you on what happens in a studio and what it takes to get there. That is it.

It’s great to be giving back to the industry that’s given me so much”

And believe us when we say you ​know this man so much more than you think you do.

We shall give you a little hint… he is the creator and speaker for the humorous character on Radio, MJ Rakesh Prof. Ulfat Sultan

​”Seeko mere saath engleees ki doh baat….”