“I started playing throwball with the aunties and uncles in my colony back in Nanjangudu, where I was first introduced to this sport. After their work was done, we all would meet and mix up our teams.  I used to play a lot sport back in my childhood. As I grew up, I started focussing more on Throwball and Volleyball. When I started working at TCS, I joined the men’s team as there was no women’s team. After a year or so, we had selection trails for the women’s team and we are currently one of the best teams in the corporate circuit.”

Managing your work, sport and family?

“Playing a non-commercial sport and not having a regular job in India, is not enough. It might not cover your expenses to lead your life. But at the end of the day, we all do what we do to earn a living. But that doesn’t mean you let go off your passion either. I have full support of my husband and in-laws. May be we won’t feel it all the time but having them on your side, gives you so much confidence. Weekdays are for work and family and weekends are for the sport. That’s how I plan my week.”

“Though there is an improvement in awareness that being a sportsperson can also be a career opportunity, it is yet to establish fully. Parents now realise that and are letting their kids choose what they want to do. My daughter too, is still deciding what she wants to become, may be a badminton player?”

“I had a love marriage and my parents haven’t come out of it yet. My in-laws have supported me immensely and pushed me to continue the sport. I know it’s tough for them to accept my marriage but I’ve never regretted that decision and for the life I’m leading today. I hope one day they accept it and I don’t think my life could have been any better. I am Mayura Jain.”