“The last I studied was 10th standard, which I didn’t clear. I never really had the intention to study beyond that. Though my parents forced me, I’m still not sure why I didn’t continue. After my schooling, I started doing a lot of odd jobs but then later I started working in a lathe factory near my place. Since the job at that factory, I was just at home doing nothing. 2015 is when I started a career in biking and rally racing.”

Friends and family

“We are a middle-class family, they had no idea I rode bikes for a living. They had zero clue about it until I won a race and brought the trophy home. That’s where my friends really supported me in my every single race. I remember sometimes, my friends used to sponsor for my travel. This is very much important if someone wants to make such a career. With fitness and dedication, the support that we get from family and friends, I feel is very important. How positive they are with whatever they do, reflects in what kind of a mindset we have, when we start our engines.”

“I have always had this craze of bikes and cars since childhood. I remember one incident when we were in our late teens, we had this crazy notion of wheelies. I met with an accident while doing a wheelie, my right hand and leg were completely damaged in that crash. I was on bedrest for 6 months and that is where I probably learned to channelize my passion for bikes and cars. I thought to myself, these wheelies are not going to give me anything other than adrenaline. So, probably that is where I changed myself completely. I am Mahesh Mp Pavan.”