“My friend introduced me to Improv and I had a pretty vague idea of what it was initially. I assumed that it was supposed to be funny and I thought I wasn’t funny enough. But when I heard it was an all-female space it got me really excited! And that’s what ultimately got me into it.”

“Quite often I’ve had an existential crisis but I deal with it in different ways. I’m in therapy and I am a big believer in it. I journal and I share and I believe that the strength is in vulnerability, at least for me. There are some days where you just have to let it flow through you. You lie down and look at the ceiling for a good 16 hours or six days. You can’t work against a machine that is tired and feeling low for whatever reasons. I know it will pass because I know my rhythm by now.”

“The concept of friendships has been evolving for me. I’m a little bit of slob when it comes to keeping in contact. I’m a better friend when I’m there or when we are doing things together. I have reached a place where I really value friendships where I can pick it up from where I left off. This is that space where I can tell a friend that I couldn’t pick their call but it doesn’t mean I hate them. I’ve reached that place now. I am glad that the people I met through Improv are some of the smartest, intelligent and just really giving women with whom I get to work and hang out with.” 

“I was not someone who researched a lot and did things. I finished my 12th and everybody was doing CET, so I went and wrote CET. I bunked my math exam because I had a dance crew thing. Someone I knew was doing English in Christ, So I decided let me do this and I got through. A lot of such decisions were not mindful but that has been good for me. I now have no regrets. I am Laxmi Priya.”