“once a woman from Mexico joined us. She had a beautiful reason to learn Kannada. Her boy friend was a Kannadiga and she wanted to learn little each day so that she will be able to communicate with his family.

We couldn’t stop admiring her dedication. She watches Kannada movies, sings old Kannada songs and has a board in her living room to write Kannada words. Efforts like her’s draw us to do more” says Anup happily.

“When we first started, I had to bunk office for 3-4 days and finish registration and paper work. I had to call people in the morning before work and in the evening after work to spread the word. Rejections on phone calls had become a common thing back then” he laughed talking about the start of KannadaGottilla

“But the fact that we are an enthusiastic team who love what we do, it has kept us growing and we are a strong team of 15 people and 4000 students”

Anup is a hilarious and humble man who calls himself a peon of his company Kannadagottilla.com. The team teaches Kannada on whatsapp groups and at MG road Metro art Centre for a minimal registration fee.

We are so proud of our hudga and cheers to the spirit of learning the local language.