“I was born in General Cariappa Hospital, Madikeri as my mom is from Coorg. My schooling was in Coorg, Mysuru, and Bengaluru. My dad was a naturalist in Kabini and I lived in the woods too. I’ve been an introvert even before I knew what it meant. The writing bug was something that I caught during my RVCE days. I research a lot about what I write. Writing is something that has no boundaries, it is limitless. When I sit and write, it is like a dream. It is not dependent on logistics, budget, technicians or any other external factor. It is just you, imagining, penning it down”

“I remember seeing a movie where the son(hero) comes and confesses that he is in love with a girl and the dad helps him with pieces of advice that help him approach the girl he likes. I thought to myself, who is this dad? Why isn’t my dad doing that or are they just portraying something that 2 dads out of the 50 dads would do this. I wanted to write something for the 48 dads who actually do what they have to. Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu is the story of those 48 dads and a little bit of personal experience with the relationship I have with my dad.”

“The general perception of cops in the country is very different. Whenever we see a cop we say “Nodo alli mama idane” (See there is a cop there). What we ignore is the fact that they are humans too. Their emotions are often neglected. What we wanted to do with Kavaludaari is, to talk about those emotions. No one gives a damn about the fact that they are hugely underpaid and we all know that they deserve better. Kavaludaari is one such effort to make sure this comes into the limelight.”

“Not a lot of them know if I have written Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu or a part of Andhadhun or any movie that way. That’s how I am, even if people don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter. Not with an arrogant sense but I like my cocoon. I am not here to be a head turner or a show stopper. My happiness and satisfaction are in the work that I do. After I finish the job, I am detached to stuff that happens because I feel I lose my perspective and I don’t want to do that. I am Hemanth M Rao.”