“I used to daydream a lot as a child. I’d dream of a big farm with a lot of animals around me. These pleasing imaginations led me to make my career decision. I wanted to become a wildlife specialist. So, I studied at Veterinary College in Bangalore and became the first female wildlife veterinarian to graduate in Karnataka.”

“A great thing happened from my career choice though. Before marriage, my husband was super impressed that I was a wildlife doctor. So it helped me in another way (Haha).”

“Life had been great so far. Whether it was in terms of career or family/friends. But one life-altering instant was the death of my father. He was my biggest strength. He had brought me up to become an independent person who was capable of making decisions. He had been immensely supportive of me pursuing veterinary.”

Life as a veterinarian

“My practice of veterinary is an escape from reality. I hear about the disturbing consequences of environmental degradation on animals like dolphins and turtles. It’s very depressing and hard to digest. Which is why I try my best to help and treat the animals that I can, around me. Though we are veterinarians, we deal with 80% humans. It is often forgotten that it is the people who bring the animals in. Communication plays an important role there. Every day we see about 20-30 people and each one has their own story.”

“A lot of the times, we don’t end up where we want to be, doesn’t mean we should lose our heart. We still do find alternatives, how we make use of it in our lives is on us. I am Hema Rudrappa.”