What started out as a small activity in Class 4 for this Baldwinian became a thing very close to his heart. Rather, to his brain. Imagine what wonders one could create when his hobby turns into passion and later on into his profession? It is filled with love, surprises and challenges. Not to forget the sacrifices. This is exactly what happened with Giri Sir.

He gives the credit to this beautiful journey of quizzing and being a curious mind to his school and college where he studied. Baldwins Boys High School and National College respectively.

Giri sir fondly known as Pickbrain is an inspiration to many. Not only because of his success, but also because of the agenda his company Greycaps holds.

When we tried to understand the Vision of Greycaps he said, “We really want to help individuals improve their knowledge and make them better conversationalists. An individual can contribute to a conversation when he has information about any topic”

He explains by giving us an example. “How often and confidently do we talk about Brexit versus how often and confidently do we talk about MSD versus Virat Kohli. 9/10 times people keep quiet because they do not know what to contribute to a conversation”
We couldn’t disagree to that. With a vision so powerful, we know Greycaps will go places.

We were influenced by his curiosity and wanted to know what is the story behind him being called Pickbrain Giri Balasubramaniam. He recalled his Times of India days where he was a part of the brand team where he was authoring a quiz coloumn and as he wasn’t a part of the editorial staff, he had to create a pseudo name which could be used on all his articles. ”That’s when i came up with Pickbrain” he smiles.

What was once a pseudo name is now one of the most popular quizzing names in India. Pickbrain has come a long way. With his vision of making better individuals in India to compete in the world.