“We rescue animals, bring them here, treat them and manage to pay off bills. The tough part comes when we have to give them away in adoption or when we have to leave them back at the location that we picked them up from. Call it insecurity but we fear the inability of the dog to survive on its own. After a few months with us, it’s hard for them to find a meal by themselves. Here they are used to getting food in their bowl each time.”

“There are times when we have gone to drop off the animal but changed our minds half way and got them back. We know we don’t have enough space or funds. But we want to make it happen by hook or crook! That’s what compassion does to you. We are a team of seven super strong and compassionate individuals with several dog bites”, Sathish Yadav one of the co-founder of Enablers United laughs pointing at his scars.”

“As a group and individually, we all have done more than 1500 rescues. Be it snakes, dogs, cats, rabbits, kites. Name an animal and we have rescued them. There are times when these guys have to wake up in the mid of the night to do a rescue or when they have to climb a pole with no gear to rescue a kite stuck mid-air due to manja thread. And they do it! When you start saving lives, you start living one.”

“We have all given up our full time jobs and we are happy about it. We try and make sure our help is available for every animal in need. There are times when groups have rescuers and shelters, but they lack transport. And that’s when we are available. We had 2 ambulances until June. But have scaled down to just one, due to lack of funds. We want to make this happen, no matter what. We believe that we are a lot more efficient as a team. We are Enablers United.”