“My mother brought me up and funded my schooling till 10th grade as I had lost my father at a very early age. She couldn’t afford my education further and she once called me and told ‘I know you are doing very well with your studies but with the current financial condition we are in, we can either afford food for both of us or your education. You pick what you want’. I am sure that, that statement was the hardest statement she could have made. Then, I decided that I will fund my own education by doing pocket sketches on current events and walked to publishers across Bengloor to give these sketches. I remember they paid me INR 3 per sketch and that’s how I made money and finished my PUC.”

Quiz – First Love

“I couldn’t afford a radio, so, I made my own with the help of an exam pad, a broken transistor, and junk bought from a shop in Shivajinagar. I did all that just because I wanted to listen to the Bournvita quiz on Vivida Bharathi. The only English show back then and this is the early 60’s is what I am talking about. That was my first encounter with quizzing and they say first love lasts forever.”

“ಥಟ್ ಅಂತ ಹೇಳಿ (Thatt anta heLi) is not a show for money, I do this purely out of the love I’ve developed for this show over the years. When I am in public, kids as small as a year old to old people aged 80 years recognize me and tell me about their love for the show. From handling a phoning show to hosting a quiz show where we give away books, I have come a long way. This was launched in 2002 and it is still going strong. I just wrapped a shoot yesterday. I am Dr. Someswara Narappa.”