“After my 10th grade, I came to Bengaluru in 1981, in search of a job. I started as an accountant at a lorry depot. I worked here and there for a few years before joining the BMTC in 1987. I remember the first route that I ever had and that was from Majestic to Shivajinagara, Bus no 129. The roads were amazing to drive back then. I have driven all the four generation of BMTC buses till date and never have I ever wanted to change my profession.”

Interest on learning the history of the city

“I’ve always been fascinated by this city and its people. In 2002 I got to drive the “Bengaluru Darshini” bus which was a city tour bus by BMTC. I had a senior friend who used to explain the history of Bengaluru. I loved listening to it and I started sharing that knowledge with all the tourists that travelled with me in the bus. I also have a few pictures of before and after versions of the iconic places in Bengaluru. The after pictures were taken by myself.”

What is happiness?

“Happiness for me is a lot of things but the best I can say is loving the job I do. I never have dreamt of doing anything other than driving because I have had tremendous support from BMTC. I have been doing it for 31 years and I will continue to do so. Also, I feel the most content when I share history and stories of Bengaluru with the passengers.”

“I failed the 9th grade and that was the turning point in my life but, my teachers are the biggest inspiration in my life. They just didn’t teach us math, science etc. but they taught us what life is. I believe that, the job I do is one of the best because I am showing what Bengaluru truly is. Whatever I am doing to the city that gave me so much, is very less. I am Dhanpal Manchenhalli.”