“As an RJ back then, it was really tough explaining what I actually did for a living. I used to do well in academics, you know? So, I decided to quit my MBA to take up radio and when I told this to my parents, they were really upset, I remember my mum actually crying. At that time, there was no benchmark as such, to say ‘Radio’ can be a career. In a year or so, Radio became really popular. My parents, from being disappointed with my decision, now, were really proud and happy. At parties, they would be like ‘This is our son, Darius, you must have heard him on the Radio’. I enjoy talking and I enjoy information. You could speak to me about many things, I will have some basic knowledge about it. More than gaining this knowledge, I enjoy sharing it.”

How did theatre, happen?

“I got into theatre with no formal training or understanding. I joined them when I was 18 or 19. Theatre has been one of my passions. I think I have a few passions in my life and theatre is one of them. Unfortunately, I am unable to invest time on it. It requires a lot of dedication. You need to learn the lines byheart, go for rehearsals for a month and stuff. I wish I had that much of a time to commit.”

“After 15 years of Radio, I felt jaded and I wanted to try out something new and one of my colleagues/friend Danish Sait, was doing THE IMPROV. He invited me to join them in one of their try outs and I enjoyed myself and they said let’s do it then. Till date, I have no formal training on improvisation theatre. For anyone in a creative space, you can make anything fit perfectly, if you want it to. So, if it fits perfectly, I made the effort to make it fit.”

“I don’t look at my life in general, as a journey towards the destination but rather a seamless journey and all choices are valid choices. If I look back on my life now, with more years and wisdom by my side, I would have done a few things differently, be it big or small. As a kid though, I always dreamt of making a movie, I still want to but it’s not a priority. I feel, growing up shatters a lot of our idealistic dreams we had, as a kid. May be one day it will happen. I am RJ Darius.”