“Crowd Kart failed about two times before, the previous founders’ working module didn’t match, hence it failed. I had almost given up, but I thought let me give it one more shot. That’s when I met Dheeraj, we sat down to discuss ideas over a couple of beers and then we decided to relaunch Crowd Kart and it clicked with Dheeraj. I also decided to move in with Dheeraj so that we could wake up every day and brainstorm ideas. We signed up 15 clients, but then the industry we were in was pretty ambiguous and hence, we decided to scrap all our clients. We decided to take the most misunderstood brand in our country, the Cops. One day I told Dheeraj, ‘Dude, I’ve left a message on their page’. He asked me, ‘Can we do this?’. To our surprise they got back to us and asked, ‘Can we meet?’. That meeting changed everything for us and we changed everything for them.”

Why memes?

“We have to adapt to the current trends. My mum goes through memes/video memes which has a Bollywood movie, but an English song. She asks me and I had to explain to her what a meme is. People use it to build audience, crack jokes etc., we thought you know why not use it for something productive. We are fans of TV shows and this is something a lot of them could relate to. We had a debate on, if GoT will work or not. Not everyone like us, watches GoT. We then discussed and zeroed down on two characters. We started out Jon Snow and it went viral.

How much of a power do the meme pages have?

“Everyone can make memes, there are templates these days to make it. There are some meme pages which are driving positive media and that is really good. A good meme page can make-break people. The fact that a lot of others think, the number of likes on their page or the number of engagements they get, defines who they really are, is one of the worst things. It will not feed them tomorrow. They would have spent years making an audience that huge, but what are they doing today?”

Amidst the raging negative content around social media, we see these guys trying to bring in a change in trends. Positive media is the way forward. What they did with Bengaluru City Police is just the first step towards it.