“We hadn’t even named it Brik Oven when we started it out you know? We both met once for lunch and we got to know about a property in church street. More than us, our friends wanted us to meet because wood-fire Pizzas, and thick Milkshakes weren’t a market then. Two days after we both met, we were doing business together and we had no idea what to call it and what to do in it.”

“We spent eight months to finally get it started because there were so many challenges that we had to face that we didn’t know existed. I mean, something as simple as our power lines were cut and not a lot of people welcomed the idea of wood-fired pizzas there. We just wanted to make something that is our passion.”

“We decided that we will be there and start making milkshakes and baking pizzas ourselves because it was our kitchen and we wanted to do that. It was only the two of us in the kitchen then and even before we had opened, we had customers and friends coming in and testing our food out.”

“The initial days, we didn’t have a social life because a lot of the times, we would wrap up by 2 AM and be back by 9 AM again the next morning but slowly we realised that having that balance is important. For a lot of our friends, their hangout venue was Brik Oven during weekends so we didn’t miss the socialising bit as well.”

“We love every bit of it, irrespective of whether we washed dishes, mopped the floor. We know this is our own and the feeling of having a long queue and 40 orders and the fact that we are churning pizzas and milkshakes out is a great one! We are Brik Oven.”