“I studied BA in Psychology, Kannada and History after completing Engineering in Ambedkar College. Because I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, everyone insisted that I continue in the Computer Science field as it didn’t require speaking skills as much as it did in the Arts field. So, I gave interviews for several companies and returned home rejected because they didn’t need someone who couldn’t speak fluently. It hurt me, of course. But then I was employed at Infosys and have now been working there for 8 years.”

“I strongly believe that adopting technology makes life easier for everyone. And it is technology that has made my own life smoother. Although, I would recommend you to keep a distance from working in the IT field”, he laughs. “Since technology is advancing at a rapid phase, it attracts us towards it but until a person excels in his subject, the situation makes it hard to survive in the field.”

“I’m working in IT only because I was forced to. I have always been inclined towards Arts and Literature. Even today, I enjoy writing stories, reading novels and watching dramas. I’m greatly inspired by Kuvempu, S. L. Bhyrappa and Shivaram Karanth. I believe they have explored life to a large extent and their works are testimonial. That’s the difference between them and us. We’re constantly stuck in one part of life. Which is why I always try to explore my life to a possible extent and make it worthwhile.”

“I am driven by an unwavering motivation to do what everyone else is capable of doing. I am Bharath Hg.”