“I was an athlete during my school days only, but then I took professional swimming and went onto participate in the nationals. At that time, Triathlon was a new game introduced back then. I was keen on taking part. I did the state, national and also the world championship in Australia in 1991. The Asian championship in Japan 1992 that is where I won my first bronze medal for the triathlon”

“Triathlon was a new sport to the world, forget India. It was not even in the Olympics. There were no coaches, facilities, nothing. I did my cycling training with the state cyclists. We used to cycle to Hoskote and back. I used to run with the Army boys. Nobody ran those distance back then. No marathons. Hardly any women who ran or took part in triathlon back then.”

How’s the life been after all that?

“I got married and life had to move on. The association didn’t fund the triathlon athletes anymore and hence I took up squash quite seriously after I had kids. I still take up master’s swimming every year but I have worn out my knees so, running is out of the equation. I am 45 now.”

“One of the hardest things to do is to give up a sport and from being somebody to a nobody. Taking care of the kids was my priority for the longest time. Now I think they are heading in a direction that they want to. From being an athlete to being a wife and then a mom it is a wonderful transition. I am Anusuya Alva”