“I used to take care of the street dogs in my colony during my childhood days because, in our Jain community, it is tough to have pets due to their diet. I cannot say they can survive solely on vegetarian food, they are canine so, of course they would need meat. Even during my college days, I stayed with a few friends in Bhopal and we had adopted a dog there too.”

How did Therpup – A Dog Cafe happen?

“When I came in search of a job to Bengaluru, I badly wanted to adopt a dog, but considering my work hours, it definitely wasn’t possible. It wouldn’t good for the pet. Then, I realised, it is the same with a lot of people. Their working hours is so that they cannot adopt a pet even if they want to. The idea was to give the dog owners, a pet friendly restaurant where the dogs can roam around without the leash and give the dog lovers, a place to come, chill, meet and cuddle dogs.”

“In, India, the knowledge on how to handle a dog is very less. A lot of the dogs are kept as guard dogs and they are not allowed inside their owner’s houses. People are just fascinated by breeds for no reason. So, we as a cafe are trying to educate kids and adults. We have competitions, we organise events in schools and corporations.”

“Dogs have always been an inspiration for me, they make me get up and do what I do today. But there are a lot of things we go through as a human, I’m an extrovert and meet people and make friends very easily. After starting therpup, there was a very big change in my lifestyle and may be required. My main business is over the weekends and all my friends are free during their weekends. So that connection with them is lost. Those Friday and Saturday night parties are no more there for me, so whenever I see 4 friends hanging out or travelling, I miss my friends. But I know whatever I am doing is for a better cause. I am Ankur Jain.”