“My father was a journalist and he knew all the journalists in Bangalore those days. One of the most influential photographers T.S Satyan was my father’s close friend and they used to often discuss pictures and their careers. A couple of pictures I saw of T.S Satyan was a turning point in my life when I started photography in 1993. Photography just happened and I quit my job one fine day. This was after me being in the advertising field for more than 25 years.”

The process of being a photographer, much easier now a days?

“The learning process is certainly much easier now a days. There is plenty of information available on the internet. But, a lot of people compromise and want to take short cuts, in order to become a successful photographer. I teach photography, so I meet a number of youngsters who aspire to learn photography. Most lack the patience and rely too much on software to make good pictures. For all the artists who are serious, nothing much has changed since those days. Neither the struggle to make better pictures, nor the seriousness to pursue it.”

What are the advantages of being a photographer?

“It changed me, as a person. I am a better person now. I go and capture images at religious congregations, monuments, tribes etc. etc. That’s when you meet the real India. You need to learn to interact and mix with different generations, different religious beliefs and different cultures. This is what makes you a much more tolerant person.”

“I could have retired as the managing director of an advertising company, played golf and lived a comfortable retired life. That was too mundane for me. Even during my worst days of financial struggle, I never regretted being a photographer. That’s what I wanted to do, all my life. I am Anand Sharan.”