My world was very convenient initially during my school and college days as my school was pretty close to my house. I remember while coming back home, I would come to our juice center, drink one glass of fresh fruit juice, and go back home. It was that lazy.”

“This shop was run by my father for almost 40 years and it was a travel and tours business before and my grandfather had a juice shop back in Gandhi Bazaar. When the business went down, my grandfather suggested my dad open up a fresh fruit juice shop because back then, there were no such shops in Malleshwara and this was in the 1970s. But he still booked tickets even after that but the juice became more famous.”

“I still remember, July 4th, 2019 we made only 50 rupees the whole day. I had almost decided to sell this shop or rent it out to someone. People spoke about how this place was bad luck and hence no business will be profitable here. I don’t know if they told it in a bad way or a good way but I was really motivated to change that. We are just opening our new branch in Church Street and fingers crossed I hope this changes a few things.”

“One regret that has been in my head for a few years now was that I graduated as an engineer and worked as an RJ and someone told me that I wasted my engineering seat. If someone else would have taken my seat, they would have become a better engineer or did something in the field of their study. That’s been there in my head for years now. I am Anand Raja.”