“I had this weird fascination for the outdoors because I would read so much. I still remember, ours was a middle-class family and I would get cable only two months during my summer vacations. Even with cable, only Doordarshan was the channel.

So, for me, outdoors was something big and I remember going to Mysore in Grade 7 or 8. I had prepped for that trip for three months. I think that the wonder of going out and travelling was always there, photography was a tool initially for me to go out and explore.”

“I was one of the four employees at Amazon India and my family was kicked that I was working and all. I worked at different organizations for five odd years and decided to quit. When I told my parents, they like any other parents questioned me with some logical things, like how only a handful of people get these kinds of jobs and but over a period of time they understood what I set out to do.”

“When I was freelancing and doing photography, I would work for 10 days and the next 10 days, there was nothing to do. My friends would come home and chill or go to Lalbagh for a run, get a juice, or eat Masal puri.

Post my engineering days, I would hang out a lot with my friends but most of the conversations we had were around the work that we did and things we wanted to make. I would discuss business ideas, program code ideas, and building something. These things made our friendships strong and our thought processes on what we wanted to do even stronger.”

“When we set out on a journey to create or build something, adapting to situations becomes an important aspect of your life. End of the day, I was getting paid to go to places where people would pay to go, I valued that the most and not the things that the society has told you are valuable. You can live without most things you think you can’t. I am Amoghavarsha JS.