“Improv to me, happened by chance. I had gone to watch one of my friend’s shows and I fell in love with it! I was super excited when the auditions opened up for more crew members at Improv Comedy Bangalore in 2016 and that’s how my Improv journey started.”

“I’ve always loved the stage as a kid and I was always the entertainer be in the family or school. I would be called to do random stunts and imitations in class but I wasn’t very good with reading dialogues by heart because I think I have been a little dyslexic, so that was a challenge. When Improv came, I felt that this was what I had been doing all through my life as a kid, unknowingly and this was something I unintentionally aspired to do, so yeah.”

“I’ve always had this identity crisis because my roots are from Mysore but our family moved to Baroda in the 1940’s. So, I’ve always been the Madarasi in Gujarat and over here I’ve always been the North Indian. When I moved back here, initially it was hard because my Kannada had an accent but I started understanding my roots when I got here. Yes, it has been a tug of war between states.”

“One thing I would change would be having a mentor who could guide me or get advice from, other than my parents and family. Just that third person perspective on life or anything. It’s not that I would take that advice all the time but just to have that in life would have helped so much, at least right now. I am Aarti Shastry.”